Hermit Homesteads was a response to an assignment based on the manufacturing process, rotational molding. The project was carried out with two fellow designers, Leslie Zacharkow and William Schaecher

We felt a sense of regression upon hearing the prompt. Creating another object from hazardous resin contradicted the philosophy instilled by our university department. 

We enhanced this irony through our own piece of satire, Hermit Homesteads. These new luxury homes, roto-molded from room temperature vulcanized plastic, provided hermit crabs with a sleek alternative to the ever-popular bottle cap. The crabs could now keep up with the Jone’s - or should I say Sebastian’s? - and bring modern suburbia under the sea. We offer four elegant options: The Noah, The Lexington, The Wentworth, and The Ellington. 

© Tyler Scholl

© Tyler Scholl, Leslie Zacharkow, William Schaecher

© Tyler Scholl, Leslie Zacharkow, William Schaecher